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For the first time I experienced how connected and interdependent I was on the people and natural world around me, something I had previously only intellectualised. It is not until you become physically aware of how your own health is entirely reliant on the health of the great web of life, that ideas such as deep ecology absorb themselves into your arteries, sinews and bones. What I took from this was that if we want to secure the long-term health of ourselves and future generations of life, we need to start defending these ecological systems with the same fierceness and determination as we would an attack on our own body, an idea I explore in my new book, Drinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi.

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While we may be able to detach ourselves from the spiralling instances of ecocide that we are now used to hearing about on a regular basis — after all, it tends to be distant and sometimes abstract things that are under threat, and nothing so concrete as our own bodily sovereignty — these attacks are, in the long run, no less serious. More than anything else, I discovered that my security no longer lay in my bank account, but in the strength of my relationships with the people, plants and animals around me.

My character replaced sterling as my currency. If I acted selfishly or without care for those around me, then in the medium-term my ability to meet my own economic needs would diminish. My moneyless economy was one in which helpfulness, generosity and solidarity were rewarded. Contrast that to the worlds of high finance and big business, in which a healthy dose of psychopathy will often help in making it to the top , and selfishness and ruthlessness are the qualities du jour.

When we have plenty of money, we can spend our days exploiting the world around us for our own profit, and the checkout guy will still sell us our weekly groceries, the airline still fly us to the Costa del Sol. Without money, act badly enough for long enough and life would become almost impossible. On a personal level, I realised I was capable of more than I ever imagined.

I say this not out of pride, but on the basis that if I — a man who had been much more comfortable with a spreadsheet than a spade — could live from my locality, then almost anybody could.

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I quickly learned how to farm and to forage, and how to make things from what I found naturally around me. My greatest lesson, however, was that in all of the time I was out there doing my little thing, species after majestic species were being made extinct faster than ever; forests, oceans and rivers were being depleted at untenable rates; and social injustice was rising exponentially, putting more and more money into the hands of those least likely to use it for the common good.

This I could no longer ignore. Democracy is meant to hold power to account, but in a world of spin doctors, time poverty and politico-economic illiteracy, democracies are failing to do so. When this happens, activism has to step in. Yet our activism today has become as tame and timid as our neatly-trimmed gardens. The worlds of political, social and ecological campaigning can no longer continue with activism-as-usual.

It is simply not working. For those who think that money is more important than love, they believe so because they believe that money is the glue that keeps the couple together. Without money, they cannot buy the house to move in together. Without money, they cannot watch movies in theatres and go for a date night.

Without money, they cannot plan for having babies and building a happy family. Now, what about love? Without love, everything you do seems meaningless. Without love, you will live empty inside. Without love, you will feel like you are incomplete. More importantly, there will be no one there to celebrate with you even if you are rich and have all the money in the world, so does this make love the more important than money?

In order to find out the real answer to the question, whether money or love is more important, you must delve deeper into each component and how money and love affect your life. First, let us look at money. Why do you think money is important? Well, this is a no-brainer question. People used the money to buy things every day. You use the money to pay your bills, you use the money to buy foods, and you use the money to buy a house or to pay the rent in order to put a roof over your head.

So money is truly important. Without money, people cannot survive comfortably. Money dictates the flow of human living, especially in this modern world. Money creates the freedom to you. If you have seen people who are in serious debt and are chasing for money to make ends meet, you will understand that money is important. Do you know that the possession of money means it is a resource and the usage of money can create other resources too? Everything that we use in our daily lives has monetary value, be it directly or indirectly.

With money, you can often buy whatever things you want in your life. In other words, money makes your life comfortable. When you have enough money, you can spend money on necessities like food and groceries. And when you have more money, you can then spend them on luxury items like a bigger house, a sports car, or even use it for charity.

You can donate and help others who are in need. Money is a tool that when used correctly, it will create more good than evil. You need money to buy and put food on the table. Without money, life cannot go far. Your relationship can suffer and what if you have a family to feed? Therefore, money is important because it provides the basic necessities to survive. More importantly, when you have a lot of money, it makes your life comfortable. Yes, this is true, money can buy you health. You can maintain your health even though you cannot rule your health.

With modern healthcare to increase human longevity, money can help you improve your health and live a healthy lifestyle.

What would life be like without the internet?

For example, you can spend money on a proper and healthy diet, you can buy nutrition and supplements, you can work out in the gym, and when you are sick, you can get proper medication. Plus, if you have the money, you can make an appointment with your doctor for a regular checkup. This way, you can prevent serious illnesses rather than having to cure them when you are already infected.

A lot of people did not go for medical and health checkups because they do not have enough money to pay for the healthcare bills. And this becomes even more obvious these days because the cost of medical checkups has been increasing drastically over the years. Do you know that money can create an opportunity for you?

When you are rich and you have the money, you can buy a house that is up for sale and priced under the market. When you have the money, you can invest and build businesses, create more jobs and develop values for the community. Without money, things will be more difficult. For example, when you saw a house up for sale that is priced below market and you know that this is an absolutely good deal, how can you afford to buy the house when you have no money? This does not mean that you cannot buy the house and secure the deal, it simply means that without money, things will not be as direct and you need to find other ways to solve the problem.

On the contrary, if you have the money, you can buy the house and secure the deal right away, without having to borrow or find ways to make it work. Hence, money creates opportunities for you.

A Glimpse of A World Without Money

You can invest the money and make businesses flourish. Or you can just give the money to your children so that they do not have to start from zero. Nobody wants to see their children going through a tough start. And money can give you, your family, your lover and the community security. This is also the main reason why the rich able to get richer. When the rich have money, they are presented with more opportunities to grow and achieve more. When you see someone who needs monetary aid, will you help? Well, if you have money, then you can choose to help as you like. However, what if you do not have any extra to help?

This is why money can help others and make the world a better place. And this act of kindness has created values, help, and saves a lot of lives around the world. Thus, money can help others. Money can buy you time. It is an endless loop. At the same time, money gives you freedom too. You have the freedom to choose what to eat, what to buy, which house to stay, and what car to drive. Without money, your choice will be limited.

Another important reason why money is important is that money builds your school and money sends you there for education. People who are in poverty do not have a better chance to get into a better school or access to higher education. Furthermore, when you have excess money to spend, you can buy books, attend additional classes like a seminar or a workshop, pay to learn how to cook, how to invest, or how to do things better.

Love can be described as a feeling, an emotion, and also a way of life. The majority of people will think that love is the most important thing that is in life. While there are many facets and faces of love, you are going to discover how love is important and how it can affect your life here. This may seem like common sense, but it is and will always be the key to the functioning of society as a whole.

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As human beings, you possessed the ability to have an intimate connection and affectionate with another person. Nobody can escape from the feeling of love. Feelings and emotions are built in within our biological system, there is no way anyone can escape the feeling of affection and love.


It allows you to build an intimate relationship with others, it makes you feel complete, and to a certain extent, it is why people live in this world. There are plenty of cases whereby people can do something extraordinary and sacrifice without requesting anything in return for the people that they love. This simply shows that love is the most important thing in life, and not money. When you are in love with what you do and you are passionate, you will strive better and to perform better. This is also to say that people who are in love of their work, their career, their family, their partners, etc, tend to do better in life.

People who have a family and love their family will want to do better to provide their family with a better quality of living. People who are in love will want to perform better for their partner too. Plus, if you are in love with your work and you are passionate about it, you will do your best to deliver extraordinary results.

In fact, love is the thing that created success, and hence, money. Love makes you complete and performs better.

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When you perform better, you become more successful. When you are successful, you get paid higher or you earn a better income, and you have more money. When you are in love, you feel inspired. It gives you a can-do attitude and you look at the world in a positive perspective. Love gives you motivation and you can tap into this energy source to achieve greater heights in life. Studies after studies have proved that when people are feeling loved and grateful, their overall well-being will improve and are less likely to fall sick.

When you are feeling loved, your biological system works better to improve your immunity. Besides that, love can make you feel happy.

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