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British library doctoral thesis agreement form

Canterbury, CT2 7NX. United Kingdom.

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Email: a. Thanks to the generosity of the UK Political Studies Association PSA through its 'Pushing the Boundaries' programme, we are able to cover the conference fees of everyone giving a paper and offer bursaries to contribute significantly to travel costs. Reasonable expenses will be covered entirely, including those of young scholars based in Europe. The broad conference theme of 'Continuity and Change in the Trump Presidency' can be approached in various ways.

Papers could, for example, take a long-term historical perspective when reflecting on the Trump presidency so far. We would also be happy to receive proposals beyond this particular theme. The conference organisers would also welcome papers that address comparative themes or relevant theoretical or methodological issues. Proposals no more than words for single papers, words for panels , as well as enquiries regarding the conference and bursaries, should be sent to Darius Wainwright d. This is an extended and final deadline. Panel proposals must not consist solely of male presenters. This interdisciplinary conference will feature papers by emerging and established scholars from around the world whose work deals with American arts patronage from the early twentieth century to the present day.

On Wednesday 26 June, from On Thursday 27 June, from Both of the above plenaries are free and open to the public. Registration is via Eventbrite, short links above. A special panel of distinguished expert practitioners will also weigh in on the current state of American cultural diplomacy. The conference will close with a drinks reception and a three course dinner at St.

Anne's College, University of Oxford, starting at If you also plan to attend the optional reception and dinner, register using the same link. Vegan and gluten free dining options are available if ordered in advance; menu options will be communicated to attendees upon receipt of payment. A limited number of Bed and Breakfast rooms are also available at St. Anne's College. You should select the nights from 25th June until 28th June and then follow the instructions. For further information contact: Karen Patricia Heath karen.

American Politics Group Colloquium Peter Boyle. All members of the American Politics Group will be extremely saddened to learn of the death, at the age of 77, of Peter Boyle. Peter was a loyal participant in many APG events over several years. His vast knowledge of, and admiration for, the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower was displayed in his book, Eisenhower , in the Pearson Profiles in Power series. Peter also made significant contributions to the study of US-Russian relations American-Soviet Relations: from the Russian Revolution to the Fall of Communism and, in various articles, to the study of Anglo-American relations, notably in the s and early s.

Peter Boyle was a fine friend and colleague, as well as an outstanding scholar. This year's conference theme is "The Trump effect: A remade America and a remade world? Past conferences have had a strong postgraduate presence and we especially encourage young scholars to present their work. If you are interested in presenting a paper, please send a title and abstract as soon as possible to a. We will shortly announce the conference cost and open up a site for colleagues to register. Below is the programme for the day:.

Martin Lancaster D-NC, Tim Petri R-WI, Tickets and registration for this event will be available in due course. By Laura Ellyn Smith January Laura Ellyn Smith is a Ph. Donald Trump is tossing out the Republican Party's "Southern strategy. The Southern strategy required the subtle art of racial coding: appealing to white Southern racism without alienating white suburbanites who recoiled at overt racial language.

But time and again, President Trump has opted for the bullhorn rather than the dog whistle, regularly hurling racially loaded bromides and insults. There's his nickname for Sen. Trump made the comment in the shadow of a portrait of President Andrew Jackson, who committed genocide against Native Americans by forcing the passage and implementation of the Indian Removal Act. Republican Gov. Phil Bryant invited the president on a private tour of the new museum. Civil rights leaders declined to attend the museum's opening, with Rep.

John Lewis describing Trump's attendance as a "mockery. Bryant - who earlier this year proclaimed April to be Confederate Heritage Month - a "great governor. Trump's attack on political correctness - which is a term that, for him, applies as much to the GOP's coded language as to the inclusive language pioneered by the left - has profound consequences for politics that go beyond rhetoric, threatening to have an impact on policies such as immigration to the detriment of "dreamers" and race relations as a whole.

The strategy of using racially coded language is a relatively modern invention in American politics, where for much of the nation's history, overtly racial rhetoric thrived. In the antebellum era between and , Southern politicians shifted from the Founding Fathers' acceptance of slavery as a "necessary evil" to actively promoting slavery as a "positive good," part of a defensive reaction to perceived threats to slavery. Throughout the antebellum era, politicians wielded horribly bigoted rhetoric against African Americans and Native Americans.

This unambiguously racialized rhetoric continued to be used by angry Southern segregationists for the next years, most infamously by George Wallace and Strom Thurmond. The latter's disgust at the Democratic Party's support for civil rights legislation led him to switch parties and become a Republican. It was only once this rhetoric became a political hindrance that the transition to more coded language occurred. During the height of the civil rights movement, the Republican Party adopted twin Southern and suburban strategies, spearheaded by Richard Nixon's presidential campaign. Both strategies relied on appealing to whites who felt threatened by the civil rights movement in one way or another, but suburban voters recoiled at the overt race baiting of politicians like Wallace and Thurmond.

Understanding this, Republicans developed a racially coded language that conveyed racialized messages without being blatantly racist - things like vocally opposing "forced busing" of schoolchildren rather than "school integration. Perhaps the most memorable coded phrase was Ronald Reagan's references to the "welfare queen. The "welfare queen" trope served two purposes: to attack Great Society programs and to stoke racial animus.

Such racially coded rhetoric was effective at shoring up the unwillingness of many white voters to sacrifice to right past wrongs, especially for programs that appeared to aid black Americans more than white ones. This tactic created a unified base of white Republican voters across class and regional lines. Instead of pioneering a new form of political communication, Trump is resurrecting the blatant racial rhetoric of the past. Nor is Trump alone in doing so. There's also former Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, who revealed during the campaign that he believed that America was last great before the emancipation of African Americans from slavery.

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In fact, Trump and Moore share a use of racial rhetoric and policy: Moore's blatant references to "reds and yellows" - a reference to Native Americans and people of Asian descent - and his opposition to Muslim Americans serving in Congress are comparable to Trump's description of Mexicans as "rapists" and his desire to ban Muslims from the country. Trump's rhetoric, combined with his support of a candidate who freely employed racial rhetoric, may become a watershed moment for the Republican Party. Republicans can no longer hide behind racially coded language: Their racial politics are now out in the open, dividing the party over whether to follow its president or follow demographic statistics that show an increasingly diverse American population.

Either way, the Southern strategy appears to be dead. Perhaps that's for the best. The country needs to reckon with the racism undergirding its politics. Trump has ensured the issue cannot be ignored.

Global Skills Award

Fake News, controversial turnarounds and general incompetence are all talking points this week. Our number of the week round also features alongside some detailed critiques of the Trump administration's foreign policy. Find out more: www. You can follow us on Twitter. And Like our facebook. Adam Quinn - facebook.

British Library Business & IP Centre

Christalla Yakinthou - twitter. Scott Lucas - twitter. Luca Trenta - twitter. Clodagh Harrington - twitter. We are currently offering a fully-funded PhD Studentship for three years from September He or she will benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in political science, international political economy, and public policy, and will be expected to become part of our research community. We invite applicants to submit a word proposal within the field of public policy making in the US, UK or other advanced democracies.

Rising polarization, citizen alienation and the growth of privatized forms of governance and regulation animate the study of the design and transformation of public policies on the national and transnational level. Questions a PhD project could address may include:. Under what conditions do public policies pass or fail? How do the coalitions advancing policies form and do they differ significantly across different policy areas? Proposals may examine policy structure or compare policymaking procedures across several policy domains.

Comparative proposals are welcomed though not required. Proposals may be qualitative or quantitative in nature with a preference for mixed-methods design. Applicants should have a background in political science, public policy or a closely related discipline. Applicants should have completed a Master's degree or equivalent from a university outside the United Kingdom in a relevant subject by the start date. Funding Details:. Starts September with the possibility of a January start date.

Global Skills Award - Graduate School - University of Kent

To apply for this studentship please email Ursula Hackett Ursula. Include research question, context, methodology, and proposed thesis structure and timeline. Please provide your referees with a copy of your research proposal so that they are able to comment specifically on your suitability to pursue the course of study you have described. Application Deadline:. Further Enquiries:. Ursula Hackett ursula. Candidate Trump attacked Obama's executive orders. President Trump loves executive orders.

By Andrew Rudalevige. As he campaigned for the presidency, Donald Trump argued that Barack Obama's frequent use of unilateral administrative tools made Obama a weak leader. That spring he added,. I want to not use too many executive orders, folks. So I want to do away with executive orders for the most part. Fast forward to a White House news release marking President Trump's first days in office. It claimed that Trump had "accomplished more in his first days than any other President since Franklin Roosevelt.

He had signed more executive orders in that period than any of Roosevelt's other successors. Here's why that matters. And while Republicans fiercely criticized Obama for pledging to use his "pen and his phone" to get around legislative gridlock, this week - using his phone - Trump touted his pen. Indeed, last week gave us many examples of President Trump's wallow in the buttery goodness known as " the administrative presidency.

And the week's directives went far beyond the ACA, ranging from the treatment of transgender people to environmental regulations to the international agreement aimed at reining in Iran's nuclear program. In light of Trump's past pronouncements, it is tempting to simply shout "Hypocrisy! It is certainly telling that Trump's turn to unilateralism, unlike his predecessors', comes when both chambers of Congress are run by his own party.

Using executive orders as a substitute for legislation is far more common in divided government. But in fact presidents of all parties, policy preferences and personality types have strong institutional incentives to embrace administrative tactics. As Richard Nathan wrote nearly 35 years ago, "in a complex, technologically complex society in which the role of government is pervasive, much of what we would define as policy-making is done through the execution of laws in the management process.

Further, partisan polarization and divided government makes new legislation harder to obtain. Thus, presidents have both opportunity and motive to seek unilateral solutions to policy problems. As George W. Bush put it in , 'I got a little frustrated in Washington because I couldn't get the bill passed out of the Congress.

They were arguing process. Doing it "on my own" - and doing it fast, even "FAST" - is very tempting to presidents of all stripes. But some executive action can evaporate with the next executive - or be challenged in the courts. But even as Trump's directives shape policy implementation, they also show the potential fragility of administrative action. As Peter Baker recently noted , Trump's use of executive power has often been directed at undoing President Obama's.

The ease of that undoing varies by the kind of action. Regulations can only be rescinded when an agency can make a strong substantive case for doing so, meaning that while announcing the end of Obama's Clean Power Plan is easy, actually repealing or replacing it will take time and sustained effort. Perhaps an audience member is required to contribute to or activate a work.

King's College London

The challenges involved in preserving and maximising the use of such specialised and non-standardised research can be considerable. This might be part of the reason why no national, subject-based repository exists within the UK to act as custodian for practice-as-research data. Where an individual institution has made its own provision for preserving and maintaining research output via an institutional repository service for instance the arts practitioner-researcher cannot usually expect a service built to house text-based documents to cope with such complex data.

More commonly, this type of research is housed in a university's departmental collection, often built and maintained by researchers themselves. The project will achieve this by creating a post-graduate teaching module aimed squarely at the creative arts researcher. This module will enable the researcher to effectively self-archive and also to communicate need to third parties in order to negotiate appropriate levels of service. The entire data management module will be road-tested and refined via two Summer schools for existing PhD students to be held in Bristol in We are taking a very user-lead approach and welcome individuals or institutions to become part of our user group.

Input and feedback from our user group will help us to develop and refine our teaching materials throughout the project. We would also encourage interested parties to subscribe to our project blog, also available via our website. Every law library in the land maintains a page of recommended free web resources. One day I was looking at the one at my library's page and remembered that Google gives you the option to create a search bar that only looks at databases that you select. The purpose of this was to create a gadget for the library's Facebook page.

As more sites were added, it became clear that the gadget was becoming much more powerful. Input any legal topic and hits are found in an instant, with a high degree of relevance. By the time I showed this to my fellow librarians, about 50 web resources were covered, and the gadget was an immediate hit. With all of the librarians involved in selection, the site has settled on slightly more than 80 free web resources, and a DRAGNET committee has been formed to oversee improvements and new content. The Mendik Library had been tracking about law journals with full text online content.

In September , a Google Custom Search bar was added to those pages. Another project introduced in October provides a custom search device for Federal and state constitutions and codes. The only problem we noticed with the device was the limitation of search results to hits. To address that problem, we instructed users to carefully construct their searches and add the current year to bring in the newest material.

The library released this version in November with added tabs, such as Federal Law and International Law, that eliminate the hit limit. As in the basic setup of the device, this is all done with a fairly intuitive template, and no knowledge of coding is required to set up a DRAGNET. The Google Custom Search technology had been available for years, but it never occurred to anyone to use this to manage searching in the vast universe of free legal data. Today there are some subscribers in over 30 countries.

NCIP addresses the need for interoperability among disparate circulation, interlibrary loan, and related applications by standardizing the exchange of messages between and among computer-based applications. The registry is linked from the NCIP website www. Vendors may participate in the standard as an initiator of messages, a responder to messages, or both. All required messages must be enabled for a vendor to claim support for a core message set.

Depending on the role the vendor is playing in the transaction, the vendor must either support the messages as an initiator or responder. For more information, please see the full press release. But most American adults have similar levels of science knowledge as their foreign counterparts, and consistently outperform adults from such places as Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is particularly the case for children from many low-income and minority families. OSU is a leader in an NSF-supported Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education, and involved in other initiatives to engage children and youth of all backgrounds in free-choice science learning, such as a project supporting girls' engagement in science. Another major study is beginning soon to document how children and youth in Portland, Ore. Its peer-reviewed content and interactive website have been redesigned to enhance access and understanding of the rapidly expanding computing field that touches people's daily life.

The new Ubiquity includes fresh features and commentary that offer novel perspectives on core computing as well as developments at the edges of the field. It also has an international board of editors with distinguished representatives from industry and academia who will contribute content and review submissions for publication. Denning defined Ubiquity as a destination for evaluating technology trends, airing provocative issues, and introducing influential people in the field.

The ULS is contributing thousands of volumes, the result of over a decade of digitization efforts. Among the contributions are many works from the Darlington Library, the first major library collection donated to the University of Pittsburgh; volumes from the Library's extensive collection of 19th Century Schoolbooks; and theses and dissertations from the University's degree programs.

Rush G. Close to 1. First, as a trusted repository it guarantees the long-term preservation of the materials it holds, providing the expert curation and consistent access long associated with research libraries. Second, as a service for partners and a public good, HathiTrust offers persistent access to the digital collections. This includes viewing, downloading, and searching access to public domain volumes, and searching access to in copyright volumes.

Specialized features are also available which facilitate access by persons with print disabilities, and allow users to gather subsets of the digital library into 'collections' that can be searched and browsed. Because of this increasing volume of data, it is important to know how long researchers and institutions want it to be preserved.

Just as important is knowing what data is worth preserving. To help researchers decide, general guidelines have been drawn up for selecting the relevant information. The differences are not just between separate disciplines but also within individual departments. The three studies were carried out from the perspectives of different disciplines.

Despite the differences, they were able to formulate a number of general principles. Searching special collections at the Library of Congress has just gotten easier. Each finding aid progressively describes the parts of an individual collection, summarizes the overall scope of the material, conveys details about the individuals and organizations involved, and notes the conditions under which the collection may be accessed or copied.

Links are provided from the finding aids to related digitized content when available. Users can also follow links directly to individual collection records. HathiTrust is a shared digital repository for the nation's great research libraries with over 7 million digitized volumes. But this transformation has also given rise to questions about the quality and value of some of the digital copies produced by such large-scale projects.

IMLS's valuable support will help us take a major step toward automating quality review and sharing the characteristics of digitized books and journals. Its mission is to serve the educational and informational needs of more than 5, individual and institutional members and to provide leadership to ensure the identification, preservation and use of records of historical value. She has been an assistant dean and associate dean. The professorship is awarded to tenured professors with exceptional records of distinction.

All six new members were appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the U. Senate earlier this year. We are grateful for their willingness to engage in this important public service. For more information, including details regarding the new members' backgrounds, please see the full press release. And people increasingly depend upon libraries and community-based organizations to provide that access,' said Marsha L.

The framework, which will identify the principles, elements, and characteristics of organizations and communities that foster digital inclusion, is intended to be a first step in the future development of benchmarks and community-level guidelines. Representatives of libraries, community-based organizations, business, local government, and non-governmental organizations will be engaged in the development and use their knowledge of the needs and complexities of local communities to ensure the applicability of the framework.

The honor recognizes service and contributions to the association. For the biographies of the three inductees, please see the full press release. The deadline for change proposals is 28 February The subcommittee will take account also of the global success of EAD and current implementation practice. It will endeavour to encourage continued adoption of EAD as a tool for the online dissemination of archival information by ensuring that EAD is as economical and straightforward as possible to implement and use.

Please fill in a separate form for each change suggested, with a brief description and the rationale for the proposed change. Comments may also be sent by e-mail to ts-ead archivists. To ensure that the revision process is as open as possible, all comments must be attributable to named individuals and affiliated organisations where appropriate.

Anonymous responses will not be considered. The Public Domain Mark effectively increases the value of the public domain by making works that are already free of copyright readily accessible to the public. The Mark makes it clear to teachers and students, artists and scientists, that they are free to re-use material. Its release benefits everyone who wishes to build upon the rich and vast resources that are part of the shared public domain. The tool will become the standard mark for works free of known copyright that are shared via the Europeana portal, playing an important infrastructural role in the EU's efforts to ensure that all works shared online are marked with rights information.

That process also included a public consultation period and review by CC's worldwide affiliate network comprised of legal experts from more than 70 jurisdictions.

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The Public Domain Mark, to be used for marking works already free of copyright, complements Creative Commons' CC0 public domain dedication , which provides an easy and reliable way for adding new works to the public domain prior to the expiry of copyright. Many literary masterpieces can be found in their earliest printings, including Don Quixote in the first Spanish edition and Dostoyevsky's The Idiot in the first Russian edition. It was commissioned by Europeana and curated by The European Library, working with experts in Europe's national libraries.

It gives users an engaging introduction to some of Europe's literary highlights, selected from among nearly 5 million digitised texts on Europeana Reshaping Art Nouveau takes visitors on a cross-border journey that encompasses everything from domestic furnishings and decorative art to architecture and advertising. The study's final report of lessons learned, recommendations, and case studies will be freely shared through the partners' websites, through a webcast, and conference presentations.

That is one of the findings in a major study released today by the Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Board NRPB detailing the state of sound-recording preservation and access. The study was mandated by the U. It also identifies the public and private policy issues that strongly bear on whether the nation's most culturally and historically important sound recordings will be preserved for future generations Information for this study was gathered through interviews, public hearings and written submissions.

NRPB previously commissioned five ancillary studies in support of this final report, which will lay the groundwork for the National Recording Preservation Plan, to be developed and published later this year. This Web resource will facilitate the ability of libraries to:. Revolutionary technology prints perfectly bound paperbacks in just minutes; could lower the cost of select student textbooks. Pitt is one of only 30 universities worldwide to have the EBM.

The EBM will print, align, mill, glue, bind and trim anything that a laser printer can print-from textbooks to lab journals. A typical book can be produced in less than seven minutes. The projects funded by these grants will have national impact and generate results that can be widely replicated, extending the benefit of this federal support.