Brown bag book report 5th grade

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Each student should read at least one book each month and turn in a project each month! Please click on the link above, print it out and fill it in for each book that you read. All completed forms must be turned into Sr. Quratulain upon finishing your book. Also, be sure to discuss whether or not you liked the book or not and why. Also, make sure you include information on why or why not you would recommend the book to the class.

In other words, explain why should we or why we should not read this book. Tell us if we should read the book or not and why. Your job is to become your character. Write a page summary of the story from the viewpoint of the character. Act out your summary in front of the class. Write 3 paragraphs describing in detail how your items relate to your book. Present your items and speech to the class. Then on a separate sheet of paper, write or type answers to each question in the way your chosen character would answer them.

Each answer should be at least 4 sentences long. Pick a student from the class to play the interviewer.

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I love! I can't wait to try it with my fourth graders next year! Lisa Stories From Second. Super fun! I did the same project with my 3rd graders, but we used cereal boxes rather than bags.

We were able to put them on a book shelf after and students could pull them out to read. Love that these can go on a bulletin board. They look awesome Jen! I love this project - it could work for so many grade levels, too.

I've done something similar with my Grade 7's and they really enjoyed it. I love how you displayed them - I'll have to steal that for next time; Krystal. I think I have a book on ways to incorporate paper bags into learning. Thanks for sharing. Krissy Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business. I'm guessing this assignment really made them think critically--since the objects had to fit into the bagg--AND they had to defend their inclusion.

I also liked the opportunity to work on presentation skills. I'm never seem to have enough "formal data" for that grade when it comes to report cards You're a marvel. Seeing your projects and all the great books makes me want to move to 6th grade. I love ALL those books. What fun! Thanks for sharing this great project. I actually downloaded the information on this project earlier in the week. I was wondering what size bag you used.

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These look great!!! I am definitely going to put this in the book project plan next year. Thanks so much for sharing. I have gotten so much from your blogs this year. Thanks a million!!! But I never displayed them like that - how fun!

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Jen they turned out awesome!!! The BB looks great!

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Fabulous idea! I have done something similar to this before but you have really given me some ideas to "kick it up a notch".

Art Projects for Kids · Your home for engaging and doable projects

PS - I just finished book 3 of the grey trilogy -loved them all but book 2 was definitely my favourite - enjoy! Thanks for posting. I do cereal box book reports, but I like that yours include the "inside" stuff. Your bags are also a LOT easier to attach to the bulletin board than my cereal boxes. I see that your kids read "Hatchet". Was it uncomfortable with "the secret"?

I am reading it to my kids for the first time haven't read it myself and I see that something is coming. Wondering if I will need to censor part of it. How did you handle that? Susan at RodriguezRockStars. This is so clever, I can see a multitude of ways to use this activity in a classroom. Thanks for sharing it. My class loved it!

Thank you so much for this amazing idea.. I put up some photos on teaching fashionista. I love your blog!

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Thanks so much for this idea. I really dislike doing the same reading assignment each month. This is great. I love your idea. It's excellent. I want to know what were the steps: Did you start reading the book in class or at home? I'm just curious about you do such a great activity. I'm so glad you do!! Good luck! I hope your week is a great one! Leather messenger bag for men. Thanks so much! From Julie in Vancouver. Sophie Template designed by Georgia Lou Studios. My students had such amazing insights this year You can view it here.

I also have this assignment included in a larger Characterization bundle which you can view here.

Teaching Ideas and Resources:

And now, if you'll excuse me I must go read. My Fifty Shades trilogy arrived today and I've already started the first book. I'm thinking it's about to get a little hot in here Reading Comprehension Strategy Bundle. Book Report Bundle. Building Better Reading Responses. Reading Concept Posters Bundle. Posted by Runde's Room at PM. Newer Post Older Post.