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How do I learn best? Do I want to be far away from home? What do I want to do with my life? These are all questions that students ask themselves in the admissions process and they are important questions. Students can learn a little more about themselves, how they learn, and what they are passionate about. As a college counselor, I try talk through some of these questions with students so that they are actively considering the deeper questions about who they are and what they want. The college essays are also an important part of this exploration and reflection process.

The most effective way of thinking about essays is approaching and answering prompts with stories.

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One of the goals of storytelling is to reveal character and to show that past actions are indicative of future commitments and the ability to succeed in college. One important thing that colleges need to know about students is their ability to understand how past experiences have helped them change and grow. This can be incredibly instructive for students as they ask bigger more introspective questions about themselves and their future.

Personal insight questions | UC Admissions

When working with students applying to the University of California system, this means that your conversations can really be aligned with the essay questions. These questions are great because they align themselves well to storytelling.

They are very specific and focus on asking to describe and elaborate as opposed to just answering the question. The UC Application approach to essays is a little bit different as students are given eight choices and asked to choose four different essay prompts to respond to you can find the prompts at the end of the post.

SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips

These essays can be no longer than words, so keep that in mind. Along with each of the UC prompts below, you will find a few strategies on how to best tackle each short essay. Because there are so many potential permutations among the UC essay prompt medley, my suggestion is that students should think about ALL of the essay options.

This way, they will be able to get a sense of each question and which combination of essays best relates to them. The three sentence story consists of a magnet, a pivot, and a glow:. After writing three sentence stories for these prompts, students will be better able to hone in on and select the four questions that are most meaningful and relevant to them. Remember that the UC prompts are also an opportunity to share different aspects of students as individuals. Keep that in mind as students consider which prompts are best suited for them. Additionally, the Story2 EssayBuilder can be a great tool for students who are working through some of these essay prompts.

Thoughtful and well-crafted essays can go a long way in the admissions process, but also can be helpful as students learn and grow as individuals. Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. Think about moments where you took charge and made a positive impact in your school, community, or family.

Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side. Your creative side can be painting, theater, or playing the trombone, but you can also think about creativity and innovation in the broadest sense.

enter For instance, when was an instance when you approached a problem in an unconventional or different way? What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time? The key part of this question is how you have developed and demonstrated your talents or skills over time.

The actual talent can be anything you feel strongly about. One may use the prompts stated here below. We would like to cast some light on this important issue. This information will be helpful for you. There should be covered the most important points. We know what they are. Please, make allowances for the following essentials:. Picture these concepts in your memories. These are the eight top ideas, which you may cover in your admission essay writing. Every theme is utterly important. The next thing you should do is to disclose the chosen concept effectively.

We will help you with this essential matter too. Here below are given our recommendations. An entrance paper differs from most academic papers. This is the non-scientific task. The main purpose of such a task is to write something personal.

Over 90% of our students get into one or more of their top 3 schools

There is no need in any in-depth researches because you write about yourself. All admission officers in California wish to see your creative skill and advanced writing techniques. Your first objective is to express the best in you. Show the top levels of creativity and originality. Show what makes you so special in comparison to other candidates. Share your most successful and impactful experiences. Make your assignment catchy. The admission officers should be interested in reading your topic from the beginning to the end. Share something special and private.

Reveal your inner world, be genuine. Choose the common language. Remain yourself, speak with the language you know and understand. This adds the sense of reality. Whatever theme you choose, it should reveal the development of your personality. Any university highly values the possibility to overcome impediments quickly and effectively.

You may tell how your leadership qualities helped to resolve some problems. Write your essay summoning your self-confidence. Reveal your full potential - the admission officers are deeply impressed by your personality traits. You should leave the words of gratitude to the officers. They devote a lot of their precious time to you and thousands of other candidates annually. Respect that. It is essential to realize that all people make mistakes. This is an inevitable happening. Many of the potential mistakes can be prevented if you know, memorize, and understand them or read samples beforehand.

This section of the UC Berkeley application essay prompts is dedicated to the typical errors of the anticipated candidates. These are as follows:. The most frequent mistake is telling lies in the writing. This is impossible. The truth is valued above other priorities. Another typical mistake is the choice of the language. You should sound naturally through the language you use every day. Implement your own logical and brilliant ideas.

This is the story about you. This error induces another one. Use the power of imagination and implement vivid explanations of your best traits.

Even a bit of fun may be beneficial for your success. They speak about the things that are only distantly related to their topic. This is a huge mistake. You must be straight to the point and always discuss the main themes of the chosen direction. Our writers know all the rules of proper essay writing. Now, we would like to return to the eight major concepts one should choose to cover in the entrance assignment. Our UC Berkeley essay prompts show how to disclose them properly. Provide the evidence from the real life.