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When this practice was abandoned, the empty margin remained, leaving an indented block quotation. Apart from quotation marks not being used to enclose block quotations, there are no hard-and-fast rules for the exact formatting of block quotations. To a large extent the specific format may be dictated by the method of publication e. For writers and editors, The Chicago Manual of Style 8th edition, recommends using a block quotation when cited text is five lines or longer.

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Use of the block quotation for shorter passages is a stylistic choice that may or may not be acceptable depending on the situation. Some guidelines suggest an indentation of five, ten, or fifteen spaces. However, five spaces in a proportional font may be much narrower than in a typewriter font of the same point size.

In addition, setting an indent based on an exact number of spaces may not be technically possible in a given word processing or electronic publishing application.

Some writers indent block quotations from the right margin as well. Block quotations are generally set off from the text that precedes and follows them by also adding extra space above and below the quotation and setting the text in smaller type.

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Barring specific requirements, the format of the block quotation will ultimately be determined by aesthetics , making the quotation pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and appropriate for the particular writing task. Macs are often the best option for users who wish to work with video or picture manipulation. Macs are also very user friendly, which may benefit consumers who are new to computers.

PCs, however, run Microsoft Office Suite the best.


Q. How long can quotations be in an MLA style research paper?

Therefore, students might find that a PC is their best option because it can run Microsoft Word and PowerPoint the smoothest. Oyler, , p. Conversely, Jones disagreed with the statement that Macs work with graphics such as video and pictures better than PCs, stating that PCs can be modified to work as well as Macs.

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Overview Narrative and Parenthetical Citations Using et al. We must realise that bread is made to eat, and that the palate and not the eye must always be the deciding factor in how much is consumed. Bread will always have a place in the diet, but… there are signs that the bread of today is lacking — often dry, mostly under-fermented — and such is not likely to maintain sales.

Irons, , p. Depending on your style guide, you may also need to adjust the formatting of block quotes e.

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Whichever style you use, though, the important thing is that block quotes are:. Missing […].

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