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Abstract Value models are increasingly discussed today as a means to frontload conceptual design activities in engineering design, with the final goal of reducing cost and rework associated with sub-optimal decisions made from a system perspective.

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However, there is no shared agreement in the research community about what a value…. The products and system represent a relevant example of new technology being the foundation upon which a functional offering IPSS can…. Abstract In the production of automotive body components, fixtures are an important part of the ongoing work on geometrical assurance. The fixture is uniquely defined for each component, and the design and configuration of these are time-consuming and takes a lot of effort.

The objective with this paper is to….

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The background to this study is that more and more products using Industry 4. ABSTRACT This study explores what role science and technology parks STP can play when aiming to increase knowledge regarding the implementation of products for the health, social welfare, and medical technology sector health-tech , including Industry 4. Such products, have problems reaching….

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Besides the commercial imperative of providing product and services, WISE offer employment and training opportunities for individuals considered less able to compete in mainstream labour markets. The paper argues that this multiple…. To satisfy unmet or underserved needs of poor people living in these societies, it is essential to address all the relevant constraints in the target context through the design of integrated solutions.

Using Market Research For Product Development

Engineering Design is one of the areas most influenced by such changes and constantly striving to develop more effective and efficient strategies to prepare the soon-to-be engineers to face the challenges…. ABSTRACT Students engaged in systems engineering education typically lack experience and understanding of the multidisciplinary complexity of systems engineering projects. Consequently, students struggle to understand the value, rationale, and usefulness of established systems engineering methods, often perceiving them as banal or trivial.

The paper presents a learning activity based on…. Web Development Documents. Web Service Management Documents. Web Service Security 82 Documents. Web Services Documents. Workforce Management Documents. XML 43 Documents. Add Research. Get your company's research in the hands of targeted business professionals. Product Lifecycle Management Product lifecycle management PLM is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.

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PLM is a set of capabilities that enable an enterprise to effectively and efficiently innovate and manage its products and related services throughout the entire business lifecycle. It is one of the four cornerstones of a corporation's IT digital structure. In this paper you will learn the vital features and benefits to look for in 3D Desktop Printers.

Read our eBook on 21st century solutions and see how the energy chain can enhance your industrial application. Advanced Product Design for Industry 4.

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Access the advanced product design series and learn how to improve your product development workflow. White Paper Published By: S. Inaccurate torque readings can lead to product inefficiencies and shortened overall product life. Learn how to accurately determine the perfect torque sensor for your application. Read how ANSYS is addressing this challenge with the introduction of Mosaic technology that automatically connects different types of meshes with general polyhedral elements. If ignored, the short circuit current rating of an industrial VFD panel might just go away, meaning the panel may self-destruct when a short circuit event occurs.

What will be discussed in this article not only applies to VFD panels but to all industrial panels. Sustainability: The missing link.

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This Economist Intelligence Unit report explores how sustainability considerations are spurring companies to think differently about managing supply chains. Try Markforged's cloud-based 3D printing software today and see how you can turn your 3D CAD designs into high-strength, composite 3D printed parts for tooling and fixtures, functional prototyping, and custom, end-use production applications.

After signing up here, you'll receive your activation email. Request your sample part today, and test the strength yourself. Understanding and targeting customers is more important than ever before given the demand for individualized products, same-day or even one-hour delivery, and renting a service rather than buying a product. Learn how the technique of virtual commissioning promises to reduce the significant delays and costs associated with the difficult task of system integration and commissioning.

This white paper provides a look at the underlying sensor technology and discusses important considerations in designing sensors into a robotic application.