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As you can see, there are many areas within the field of accounting that you can be a part of. Starting with the right education, you can add certification and licensure, continuing education and on-the-job experience to enter your desired career and make a difference while working as an accountant. Accounting Careers. Explore career paths in accounting.

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Accounting Information Systems Specialist. Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable Work in a wide variety of settings in a crucial and much-used accounting role. Accountant Typically, an accountant takes care of the financial operations of a business, organization, franchise or company. Actuarial Accounting. Actuarial Accounting Work in statistics-based accounting in industries such as insurance.

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Bookkeeping If you are great at organization, keeping up with facts and figures, and calculating balances, perhaps a career as a bookkeeper is right for you. Budget Analyst. Budget Analyst Budget analysts provide important expertise on planning and managing finances for a wide range of organizations. Capital Accounting.

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Capital Accounting A career in accounting promises competitive compensation, consistent job security, and abundant opportunities across the country. Cost Accounting. Cost Accounting The role of the cost accountant is often tailored to the needs of a specific industry or agency. Comptroller Work as a high-level accounting executive in a large organization or agency. Environmental Accounting. Enrolled Agent. Enrolled Agent They are licensed professionals who go to bat for taxpayers who face asset forfeiture, are undergoing audits.

Accounting jobs hiring now

Financial Analyst. Financial Analyst In general, financial analysts help to guide investment decisions for both corporations and individuals. Forensic Accounting.

Forensic Accounting Discover problems and diagnose issues in your role as a forensic accountant. The primary duties of a management accountant vary according to an organization's size, compliance and reporting requirements, and total revenue. Review the following career profiles for expectations of management accounting positions representing entry-, mid- and senior-level employment. Budget analyst positions are found at a wide range of companies and organizations, as well as at all levels of government.

They often report to accounting or finance managers. Job titles with similar responsibilities include cost estimators, budget accountants and management analysts. Financial analysts work in a wide range of industries from international businesses and insurance companies to credit institutions and nonprofit organizations. They often report to a senior accountant or financial manager. Accounting managers work in a range of settings, from retail and healthcare to education and nonprofits. This role usually reports to a senior-level position, such as a finance director or a corporate controller.

Job titles with responsibilities similar to those of an accounting manager include: accounting supervisor, accounting manager and senior accountant. Controller positions are found in business settings, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. The range of responsibilities varies based on the size of the company and its accounting office.

The duties and expectations are similar to those found in other positions, such as finance manager, director of accounting, corporate controller and comptroller. CFOs are top-level executives found in small and large companies, with varying responsibilities based on the size of the staff and budget, as well as the nature of the organization's programs, products and services. Similar roles and job titles include treasurer, director of finance and vice president of finance.

Share on Social. Budget Analyst Budget analyst positions are found at a wide range of companies and organizations, as well as at all levels of government. Responsibilities Job Stats Education and Experience Requirements Additional Qualifications Recommended Responsibilities Organize financial tasks Develop budgets Monitor cost and revenue trends Inform project managers of budget details Make strategic planning and resource allocation recommendations.

Salary amounts may be higher at larger companies and for analysts with more experience. Education and Experience Requirements A bachelor's or master's degree in accounting, statistics, finance, business or a related field is expected. Five or fewer years of relevant experience is typical for entry-level budget analyst positions.

The process includes examination, as well as documentation of required education and prior experience as determined by each state. The requirements include a bachelor's degree, three examinations, at least two years of related experience and continuing education.

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  • Financial Analyst Financial analysts work in a wide range of industries from international businesses and insurance companies to credit institutions and nonprofit organizations. A great place to start is by considering the top accounting jobs that are available today. Contrary to popular belief, tax accountants are busy throughout the year and not just during tax filing season.

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    Their work mostly revolves around preparing and filing income tax information for individual, government and corporate clients. These laws and regulations are constantly evolving, and tax accountants must stay on top of them to deliver optimal results for their clients. Tax accountants also educate clients about the tax implications of proposed business plans, life changes and the like.

    Cost accounting is the process of measuring the cost of producing goods and services. Cost accountants determine the fixed and variable costs that are needed to produce a good or service, which typically include the cost of equipment, human resources, research and development and marketing.